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Blackhead Remover XN-8030

Blackhead Remover XN-8030

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Blackhead Remover XN-8030


Blackhead Remover XN-8030

The blackhead extractor is a multifunctional beauty instrument that is capable of:

  • offer blue light, pluck cutines,
  •  clean the pores,
  •  absorb blackheads and fats.

This product effectively improves the skin, making the pores delicate and smooth, making the complexion red and uniform.

It hardly irritates the skin and is absolutely recommended for those who do not want to use chemical peels or basic products. Easy to use and use only takes a few minutes. It is suitable for home.


  • The suction power is selectable.
  •  Equipped with 4 cleaning heads to meet different needs. And reach hard to reach places.
  •  An ergonomic handle allows comfortable handling and allows to slide very well on the skin.

Directions for use:  Use the device 1-2 times a week. If you follow the program carefully, you will notice after a while that your skin elasticity increases much healthier, blood circulation is improved in the face.

IngredientsBlackhead Remover XN-8030

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