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Foot Grinder For Dead Skin And Nail Filler

Foot Grinder For Dead Skin And Nail Filler

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  • this device is without  vacuum suction
  • Immediate results: uses an integrated vacuum that sucks and sucks dead skin at the same time instantly removes dry, dead skin and unpleasant callus of heels, soles, toes and hands for now you can have soft pediatric feet whenever you want. with the battery you can use it anywhere. Take it to the car and prepare sandals on the beach or in the office to touch the cracked high heels between meetings.
  • A finishing cradle for old cocoon, tense dead skin and more sensitive skin care, a regular grind head for newly formed cocoon and the care of normal skin and a coarse sanding head for the thick cocoon formed by the accumulation of many years and the care of thicker skin.
  • Immediately Soft and Smooth: It can absorb 98% of the dust generated in use. The chip is absorbed into the cleaning sponge and can be cleaned with a brush. Gently and effectively cleanses rough, dry feet and hard, calloused skin, bringing you a refined heel and beautiful feet home with just one application.
  • High pin, but gentle: The powerful micro-grinding head makes this the ultimate foot peeling. The head is rotated at a speed of over 2000 rpm to eliminate abrasion during polishing and polishing of the skin. Eliminates the awkward shouting of high heel shoes without damaging your feet!
  • important hint: How to start the product? You need to fully charge the product first. In the case of ensuring that the product has power. Press and hold the power button for 2-5 seconds. The product will start normally. Please try according to my method.

IngredientsFoot Grinder For Dead Skin And Nail Filler

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