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HUDA BEAUTY Fab 5 (5 in 1 Lipstick)

HUDA BEAUTY Fab 5 (5 in 1 Lipstick)

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each ingredient is cautiously selected keeping your skin’s health and betterment in mind. We believe that when it comes to beauty products, you deserve only the best. So, we’re always here to help you take care of that beautiful skin with our mindfully chosen natural ingredients.


COCONUT OIL – Coconut Oil deeply moisturizes your skin and prevents any swelling, inflammation, or dryness. Moreover, its antibacterial properties help prevent any kind of infection.

VEGETABLE WAX – An all-natural skin healer, Vegetable Wax is rich in its moisturizing properties. It protects your skin from harsh environmental elements and works on its natural nourishment.


SUNFLOWER SEED OIL – Filled with rich nutrients and antioxidants, Sunflower Seed Oil aids in reducing the signs of aging. It is rich in Vitamin E, hence works best as a natural protector from heat and pollution.


BEESWAX – A natural product of the honey bees, beeswax works superbly well to rejuvenate your lips. It saves your lips from cracking and helps you attain naturally smooth lips.


JOJOBA OIL – Jojoba Oil keeps your lips from drying. While locking in the moisture, it repairs any damage and retains the softness of your lips even during peak winters.


RICE BRAN WAX – The rice bran wax is non-fragrant and is naturally acquired from rice bran. Its primary function is to smoothen out dry skin layers.

IngredientsHUDA BEAUTY Fab 5 (5 in 1 Lipstick)

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